Cabin fever crept in yesterday around lunchtime, and I decided I needed to "get out!" The sky had paused pouring boatloads of rain and it was actually not as humid as normal.

Usually I would have been at the lake all weekend, but with the weather and my mood I just wasn't ready to go spend my first holiday weekend there without G.

So I dusted off two of my old hobbies, hiking and photography. Grabbed the new Kimera, backpack and the Merrells and away I went to Oak Mountain State Park , the largest one in Alabama and a mere 15 minute drive from my house.

I hit the Peavine Falls trail, which is a fairly easy one unless you go off the beaten path and make your way along the water's edge. Which of course I did. I had no iPod, my phone was off, and I did really well just listening to earth. It was calming, and safe. I went all over, climbing over rocks, under trees, walking through streams. It was pretty awesome.

I've decided to add that to the vast regime of therapies I'm experimenting with. So far
it's my favorite, although definitely the most strenuous.

Dr. Lecter didn't come, apparently he doesn't like the Alabama outdoors. The S.O.B. was waiting for me after dinner though, so I settled in with a glass of wine and a wad of tissues and uploaded my pics. I was into photography in high school and college, yanno when there was actually real film? Developed my own film, processed my own prints, etc,etc. Long before the days of Photoshop and iPhoto. We didn't have memory sticks...we had 18, 24 or 36 shots a roll...even black & white film !! Yes, I'm almost 40.

So here's a peek at a few of the pictures I took, I have only had the new Kimera a few days and am still fiddling around with the settings as we are getting to know each other. Enjoy dear reader and if you'd like to see more, you can do so at

11 comments: said...

Great pictures. Seems like excellent therapy to me - a great way to be alone with your thoughts.

Beautiful Mess said...

Oh beautiful photos! Sorry Dr. Lechter was waiting for you, but I am glad you were able to get away from that sneaky b@stard.

Bubblewench said...

What an amazing peaceful place! I did giggle at "Peavine" dunno why, just did.

Beautiful shots!

TexasRaceLady said...

Oh, Kimmers, what a lovely way to spend the day. And the pics are breath-taking. I can just hear all that water rushing over the rocks.

Glad to hear you left the grief monster behind for a few hours.

Yes, I well remember REAL cameras with REAL film. ROTFL


Elaina said...

Listening to nature has become one of my therapies too. As has carting my camera with me everywhere I go. Unfortunately since I've moved back to Southern California, the listening to nature part has become a little more challenging!

Good for you for getting out there with your camera!

ZenBitch said...

Those are beautiful pictures! I'm the same way. When I want to escape everything and everyone, I grab my camera and head out. It disassociates me from everything which seems to get at least for a while. And yeah, I'm almost 40 too so I remember actual film. And OMG...I even had a Kodak Disc camera...remember the little wheel disc thingie that you inserted? Shit, now I need a drink!

Steph said...

Pretty pics! I've never been to Oak Mountain, but I definitely know my way around Cheaha State Park!

Evil Twin's Wife said...

Those are just stunning! Makes me homesick - I was born in Birminham, but was adopted. We lived in Montgomery until I was 4. My mother was originally from Elba and I still have family in Enterprise, Dothan, Birmingham and Wetumpka.

Coloradolady said...

Beautiful pictures Kim....I am sure ole' Dr. Lechter would not like that place at close to Heaven for that ole' devil.....

Great way to keep his ole' A$s at bay!!

Beautiful Mess said...

Since I"m new to your blog, I tagged you for a meme. Check it out, it was pretty fun to do!

Kim said...

Thanks yall, I am still getting used to my camera !! And Steph, I plan on checking out Cheaha soon !! I'll let you know when I go !

ETW - Next time you're up seeing family we'll have to meet up !!