The year of the 40......

So I turn 40 this year. In August. So I can agonize over it for 7 months and 2 days, or I can look forward to it, plan a great way to celebrate, and be thankful that I made it after all of the stupid decisions and crazy things I have done in my life.

I choose the latter.


I'm gonna kick 40's ass. When I turned 30, I laid in the pool all week and drank beer and wailed about how "I had accomplished nothing!!!" Actually I had. I had a good job as a detective, helping kids and people from abusive situations, a family and friends that loved me, and a pretty good life.

So I have decided that this year I am going to celebrate me, good, bad and otherwise. I will deal with my dad having cancer, the trials and tribulations of marriage, my family, my friends, and my job....and have a great time and live each day out loud. So if I start to whine and cry, kick my ass a little bit for me , ok?

As I look around the internet and I see people like Lisa who's battling cancer and all of the other shit things going on in the world, what do I really have to bitch about??

I almost wrote this post as a gripe about possibly needing glasses, but then I thought "hey, it's a chance to have another cool outfit accessory!!"

YAY ME !!!

Weeeekend !!!!

This is what I woke up to this morning......

I have created a monster. When he was just a tiny little puppy, I made the HUGE mistake of putting him in bed with me when Greg was away, or just when I wanted puppy time. Now that he is almost 5 months old and approaching 50 pounds, methinks I made a tactical error. He is now able to climb onto a chair in our room and make his way onto the bed.

Though the warm body on my feet is nice when it's 20 degrees outside.......I think I'm gonna have to "tough love" him and banish him to his bed.

I'm a bad doggie parent.


Sunday .....

Today is kind of a lazy day, bathed the doggies and getting ready to make brunch. Have seriously neglected my promise to myself to spend more time blogging and reading other's blogs, but maybe now that I have alot of things done around the house I can do that !!
Yall have a nice day and hope everyone has a great week !! Check back soon !!!

I need a life.....

The Center for World Domination is nearly complete.....