Still here

I'm still here. Barely. Waking, breathing, the basics. I'm trying to put together a blog post about it all, it's just not coming out as well as I'd like. But soon , I hope.

I never knew there could be such all-consuming pain.


He's gone...........

I've lost the love of my life, and my best friend. I'll get into more later, but it was a traumatic brain injury. And I had to make all the tough decisions. I'm so mad . At everything. I don't get it. Why my Gregory? Why not some crackhead? I didn't get enough time with him. My G is gone.

Fuck you life. Fuck you right in the ear.



I always wanted to climb Mt Everest. I've seen it, even climbed in it's foothills with some great friends on a school Interim Semester trip back in 1984.....


I've always been fascinated with Nepal , it's people and of course the magnificent mountains and overall landscape.

After watching the series "Everest-Beyond the Limit" the last few days I have a newfound respect for the people that have done it, even those who have attempted it.

It is certainly an eye-opening look at what it takes to even try, and the mantra that we are mere mortals compared to the majesty that is Everest is even more true.

I am happy to have once been in the shadow of this magnificent mountain, and I'll continue to cherish the brief time I had at being close to the dream.


Tweet Tweet

Apparently, I'm quite the Twitterer. According to, who has graciously broken down my tweets and told me who I tweet, when I tweet them, and what my favorite "tweet terms" are.....

What gets me though, is that the third person in my top 10 of people that I tweet directly to, has been off of Twitter for two are their stats wrong, cause I think I did not Twitter that person so much.

Do you Twitter ?? Would you like me to Tweet you ? Maybe we can tweet twogether...teehee.....yes, I am a Twitterholic.

Check out my wordle.......

Wordle: Twitter Wordle



Sucks. Another blogger posted that once, and it's true.

I spent some time with my dad this morning while he was getting his daily radiation dose.

Looking around the room at all of the people there for chemo , radiation, etc, etc, it struck me how cancer really has no favorites......

It affects everyone. All of us, whether you have it, know someone who does, or have never been touched by it. It will eventually come around to you, and it's a crappy guest.

He's hanging in there, but I can see it taking a toll. This is chemo + radiation week, which is especially hard. It wears him out, and having to drive an hour one way and back 5 days a week for 5 weeks is enough to tire anyone !!

So stick with it Daddy, I love you, don't let this beat you.


Snow !!

Yay !!! It snowed today for the first time in over a year or so !! Me and the pupperonis have been having a blast !

Look at the dork in the pink hat.....