Mississippi Christmas

Yay !! Headed home to Mississippi to spend Christmas with my parents and friends !

I hope all of yall have a great holiday and Santa is good to you !!

See ya !!


4 Months and 40 pounds.....

...happy 4 month birthday Beaux !!! 

Death on a cracker.....

...thats about how I feel today. Yuck.

Be back later this week......                                                                                                                                                


Busy week....

....busy at work this week and with the puppies.....will try and post more later...hope everyone will check back !!!


Black Friday

Tomorrow is Black Friday. It is also my FIRST EVER time working in retail on this date.
It's not like I work at a super meg-a-lo mart or something, but I am still expecting massive amounts of folks as my employer hasn't really seen the economic downturn lots of others have.
So it should be interesting......

.....and at 7am tomorrow morning, I'll bet these doors will be full.....eek !!


Auburn vs. Alabama

  It's not only Thanksgiving here in Alabama, it's something wayyy bigger. It's Iron Bowl week.
The rivalry of all rivalries in the SEC, and probably college football itself. Tide vs Tigers, Crimson and White vs. orange and blue , War Eagle vs Roll Tide !!

In our state, when people split up, they don't fight about the kids as much as they do their Auburn/ Bama stuff. No matter what the records are, what the standings say, or how the fans feel about their coaches and players, when Iron Bowl rolls around......it's a whole new season. Auburn has won the last 6, and has never lost to Alabama in Tuscaloosa. The flags have been flying all week, all of radio and tv is atwitter with the news, 

So War Eagle, budda-getta, it's great to be an Auburn Tiger....go get em boys, standings be dammed.......why is the sun orange and the sky blue??? Cause you can't get to heaven in a red and white canoe !!! WARRRRRRRR EAGLE !! HEY !!!! 

And Happy Thanksgiving !!!!!



Even though this has been a tough year with family issues, work issues, and the economy, I am thankful. Entering this week and the Thanksgiving holiday, I have resisted the urge of the masses and the retail industry to just pass right by on the way to Christmas. 

Or Festivus for the rest of us. 

I am thankful for my family, who I love dearly. My job, which I also adore ! It is nice, after 16 years in law enforcement, to again have that "I can't wait to get to work" feeling again. Thanks to all my friends at Apple. And I am thankful for life in general, again. Even though this year has been full of ups and downs, I look around and realize I do have it pretty good. And I'm thankful for my new internet friends and to finally have time to become part of the blogworld. 

And finally, I am thankful for my father. He has always been my hero and I am definitely a "daddy's girl". Now I watch him battling cancer with the same grit and determination that he displayed playing college and pro football, and with the spirit and heart he threw into his career designing offshore oil rigs. Even though I know he is fighting the biggest battle of his life I have faith he can beat this. Cancer ain't got nothing on my daddy. I love you Dad.

What are you thankful for ???


I'm glad my name isn't Martha........

So I've spent the morning in the kitchen. By choice. I have made cinnamon rolls, chicken salad, pimiento cheese, spaghetti sauce, and chili, all from scratch. I also made some deviled eggs and cut up some fruit and cheeses for a brunch tray for tomorrow. Then on the way to work it's a swing by Costco to get some prosciutto, salami and champagne, and god knows what else. I get these spurts of energy every now and then and become a kitchen goddess.

I'm glad I'm not Martha Stewart....I don't see how the bitch does it !


It's fall y'all ......

.....and lord it's cold!!!!!

But I like it, it's nice to actually have seasons. I grew up in Singapore
where we had two seasons, hot, and hot and raining. We also had monsoon
season , which I don't think that anything that lasts 6-8 months can be
considered a season. Unless it's baseball.

Then I lived in south Mississippi , where we kind of had seasons. It stayed hot from May to November, then semi cool til February, when it was freezeball. Leaves didn't turn , one day they are green, the next their little brown lifeless forms are littering the yard. Oh , we also had lovebug , crab , crawfish , shrimp, and blueberry season. And football.

Anyway, it's cool to see the leaves change, and actually feel cold air.

What's your favorite season?

I am officially a nerd/geek/poindexter....

Not only do I work for "the fruit" computer company, have every electronic gadget, Ipod, Apple TV and game system I can get my hands on, deemed it necessary that my new car have a USB port and GPS Navi in it,and am sitting here with a Mac, two PC's and all the peripherals that come with them, oh and to add I attended the most awesomest Extreme Storm Alert 2008 seminar today (thanks ABC 33/40!!), which makes me an officially trained weather geek, I just had to top it off....

I had to go and do this......

...Need a close-up ??

Yes that's me.



Helloooooo yall !!!!!

I have decided to finally start blogging after having this page for over a year ! Hopefully now with more time to be online I will be a better blogger and can really give this the time it needs !! Hope to c ya back !