Auburn vs. Alabama

  It's not only Thanksgiving here in Alabama, it's something wayyy bigger. It's Iron Bowl week.
The rivalry of all rivalries in the SEC, and probably college football itself. Tide vs Tigers, Crimson and White vs. orange and blue , War Eagle vs Roll Tide !!

In our state, when people split up, they don't fight about the kids as much as they do their Auburn/ Bama stuff. No matter what the records are, what the standings say, or how the fans feel about their coaches and players, when Iron Bowl rolls's a whole new season. Auburn has won the last 6, and has never lost to Alabama in Tuscaloosa. The flags have been flying all week, all of radio and tv is atwitter with the news, 

So War Eagle, budda-getta, it's great to be an Auburn Tiger....go get em boys, standings be dammed.......why is the sun orange and the sky blue??? Cause you can't get to heaven in a red and white canoe !!! WARRRRRRRR EAGLE !! HEY !!!! 

And Happy Thanksgiving !!!!!

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