Tweet Tweet

Apparently, I'm quite the Twitterer. According to, who has graciously broken down my tweets and told me who I tweet, when I tweet them, and what my favorite "tweet terms" are.....

What gets me though, is that the third person in my top 10 of people that I tweet directly to, has been off of Twitter for two are their stats wrong, cause I think I did not Twitter that person so much.

Do you Twitter ?? Would you like me to Tweet you ? Maybe we can tweet twogether...teehee.....yes, I am a Twitterholic.

Check out my wordle.......

Wordle: Twitter Wordle

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Steph said...

With all that tweeting you're doing, I'm was beginning to think I was back in my chicken houses! haha. I would tweet/twitter/whatever its called, but by the time my dial up internet signed on, I wouldn't be doing whatever I was doing anymore, lol.