Cinco de Groupo....

Yesterday I went to my "surviving spouses" group. I'll admit , I was apprehensive at first. Even nervous. I actually still am.

It was OK. I can't say good, because really, no one wanted to be there. But it wasn't bad either. I guess it just was.

We ate , then did the circle sit and had to tell a bit about ourselves and what brought us there. I did ok, didn't collapse into a wailing heap. Thank God. Some people did, and one person couldn't even talk. Ouch.

One of the things they suggested we do is "journaling", where we write down our feelings and thoughts,etc,etc. Well, I think I'll say I jumped right to the head of the class right there. Cause basically, this is just a electronic form.

And it does help. Alot.

Not sure if I told them that.

Oh, I was the youngest one there. Yes, uncomfy much? No Twitterers, Facebookers or Bloggers. One person said they had NEVER BEEN ON THE INTERNET. Eeeek!

So I will go back next week and see if it "fits" better. We shall see. I'm still more comfy with my one-on-one person that I see (hi!!), but I'll do both and see where it takes me.

The last time I sat around in a circle and talked about myself, the other half of me was sitting next to me holding my hand.

I missed that last night. I guess I always will.


Coloradolady said...

Kim, G is there with you. Maybe not physically, but in spirit. He is holding not only your hand but your heart. Hugs today.

Big Pissy said...

Greg IS with you Kim.

And he always will be....

Blondefabulous said...

HUGS sweetie!

TexasRaceLady said...

It doesn't really matter the age, I'm sure they are just as apprehensive about this group thing as you are.

You are a survivor, Kim, in more ways than one. This is your journal, your outlet for your frustrations and feelings.

I'm in the circle with you. G is with you because he is part of you.

Hang in there girlfriend. You are making progress.

Lil Sis said...

Ditto the above, hard hugs and lots of love being sent your way.