I was in Publix a few hours ago just to pick up some basics and I decided to head down the "personal care" aisle. If anyone needs "personal care" right now, it would damn sure be me.

I was perusing the soap and smell-good section and I saw him.

Mr. Bubble.

When I was a kid, my Granny would draw my bath in her big old-fashioned style tub in Poplarville and add Mr. Bubble that she had gotten at Sunflower or Pearl River Drug.

She would hold her hand over the water stream to make it bubble up the water so I would have decent bubbles. I remember the smell, the tub and her telling me how long I could stay in before dinner was ready. I would always add extra Mr Bubble when she left the room.

I loved using her soap, Yardley's English Lavender, and thought I was quite the princess when she got me one of those blow-up tub pillows to cradle my little head in.

I would sing and talk to myself (I'll talk to a fence post if you haven't figured that out yet) and say "just five more minutes!!" when she knocked on the door and said my time was up.

I have always loved my bath time.

So fast forward to when I moved to Alabama. I missed my old home in Pville and my bath time, but when I got here Greg had put in a garden tub, for me!! **SQUUUEEE** Bubble baths every day?? I must be in Heaven!!

I do so enjoy my bath time, but what I miss now is G coming in to sit and talk to me and washing my back and just hanging out.

I hope there's bubble bath up there where the Mr Bubble flows like gravy.

I know someones waiting to wash my back.


Coloradolady said...

Kim, this is such a sweet post. I loved it. Brought back memories too for my at my grandmothers house...have a nice day.

Big Pissy said...

Very sweet post....

and I love that picture! How cute! :)

Bubblewench said...

That is an awesome memory! And a great photo.