Friday night scratch & sniff....

Today was pretty good, as Fridays go. (7 weeks today Friday though, that kinda sucks).

I managed to spend five hours of quiet solitude in and by the pool, read several trashy gossip mags and started on a terrific book. My brain kept wanting to think about "IT" but I managed to succesfully lull it back to the reading at hand, most of the day.

I then went to the grocery store and "made groceries" as we used to say back home.

Then the boys and I got ready for our big night out. They were bathed, happy, and had "done their bidness" here at home....I even made sure Beaux didn't drink or eat anything for a bit as he is prone to carsickness AKA hurling on my shoulder.

We got there and I have not seen Murphy in months and boy did he go nutso !! When I was THE POLICE (ick) I would go by his house everyday and see him and the Johnsons and became pretty close with all three. Mrs. Johnson tells me that after I left the PD, every time a police car would go by and it didn't stop, Murph was heartbroken. I would visit occasionally and Teddy spent a few afternoons there just hanging with Murphy, and when we got Beaux, that was our first stop on the way home ! We exchange pics and stuff, but this was the first time all three boys have been together for a "night out" so to speak.

That's Murphy on the left, and Beaux on the right. Murphy is 4, Beaux is 8.5 months. And 73.4 pounds as of yesterdays vet visit.

Of course, five minutes after getting there they BOTH POOPED in the yard!! Way to go boys, show some family pride. *sigh*

Here's Ted giving Murphy a little love, just before rolling in a giant mud puddle he discovered in a corner. I could tell by all the "no's" and "stops" that obedience training really paid off....

We had a great dinner of homemade lasagna, wonderful salad and cake, a few glasses of wine and coffee. We watched the boys play and assert who was boss, etc,etc. Teddy even took his customary spot on Miss Karen's lap for a little "love time."

Then we exchanged gifts for the pups. Oh my. Now I know what it must be like to have a kid who gets a drum set. See below.

But otherwise it was a great time, the boys hung out like old friends and it was awesome to spend some time with people who not only love and care about you, but care about the furry friends you call family.

So thank you Murphy, Keith and Karen. I am thankful to have wonderful people like you in my life to help me along this new path. We love yall.


Anonymous said...

I want the one that makes the breaking glass noise!! Way back in 1989, when I interviewed for USAir, I wandered into Spencer's Gifts (not nearly as risque as it is now!) and ALMOST bought a stuffed baseball bat that made that noise. Like an idiot, I passed it by. Then I got a job where I got to speak to the public on the phone, and it was forbidden to point out to the traveling public that they were basically morons, and damn, that bat would have come in handy.


Ain't it odd the things we remember??

Sounds like a perfect evening, Kim. As near as can be, anyways.

TexasRaceLady said...

Now that I've quit laughing, maybe I can write.

Nothing like a dogs' night out to let you enjoy yourself. Glad you did it.

As Franny said, a near perfect evening.



Big Pissy said...


Those "toys" are great! LOL

sounds like a wonderful evening with your friends.

That last picture of the dogs is so sweet. :)