Saint Gregory

Happy Easter yall.

Today has been an OK day. I left here right on time and went up to the cemetery
where part of G is and took some gorgeous spring flowers.

See ? Ain't they purty?

So I camped out for about an hour there, talked and stuff, then I went to my brother-in-laws for the feed.

On the way there I stopped at this place called "Ave Maria Grotto." It's like a monastery / school / museum. ( I'd link it but I don't know how. Yet.) They have a cool gift shop and I thought I would nose around.

I found a keychain I liked, and a book about dealing with loss.

And this....

Score ! I just had to have it. Saint Gregory "the Great."

Oh boy. We've always called his birthday "Saint Gregory" day. This little item made me happy. And if something can make me happy nowadays, I'm going to be having it.

So then I went to the family thing, then I went back to the cemetery. You know, I have to be the first and last to see him. Some things never change.

Now I am at home, and have had a nice hot bath and some comfy jammies and am rocking some chai tea.

I have also laid out my gym clothes for tomorrow, put the boy's leashes by the door, put air in my bike tire's, and packed a gym bag ! I am now getting ready to reload the shuffle with as much workout music as it will hold.....tomorrow is a new day !

So I hope yall had a good Easter and treasure the memories you made today with those you love. They come in damm handy. Oh, and takes lots of pictures. You'll be glad you did.

I love you babes, Happy Easter.


Marnie said...

You are awesome! Love ya lots!

Bayou Belle said...

Wow. What a beautiful Easter present/surprise that necklace is(though I'm sure you had to pay for it). How perfect that you found it on Easter! The flowers are beautiful, Kim.

TexasRaceLady said...

You are beginning to sound the Kim I know. (((HUGS)))

Your comment about today being a new beginning --- how wonderful that it comes at Easter.

Keep talking, Kim. I'm listening.

BTW, I want to hear that you ran the dogs tails off. hehehe

Anonymous said...

Way to go, Cozzie. That's the spirit. You and the dogs will be all the better for the exercise. The medal is PERFECT! What a "lucky" find for you, but I have a feeling divine intervention directed you to that gift shop so you could find it. ((HUGS))