Dog Days....

See this beautiful puppy?

What an angel, you say. How sweet and precious.

Yes, puppies are precious. Then they grow up. And they TEETH. Like chirren !!

Many of you have probably seen this....

(pardon the horrible accent)

Beaux was about 10 or 11 weeks old then. Gregory had come home from work and found the house like that, and I was right behind him so he left it for me to discover. That's the day I learned not to leave magazines, shoes,clothes, or ANYTHING that wasn't bolted or nailed down laying around within reach.

Now mind you, Beaux is GREG'S dog. He called him his Cullman County dog, because he was born in the same town G was. He loooooovvveees that dog. Dog can do no wrong. G even tried to say that since Teddy was the "Older dog" he should have known better and probably just egged Beaux on ! WHAT?? But he loved his "Ted-a-rena you're a beaner" dog too. Or Ted Terrific as he called him often.

(Be mindful that this is the same man who had tears pouring from his face and couldn't even drive when we had to take Teddy from our vet to an all-night vet's for observation a few hours AFTER a succesful surgery last year.) But oh heck they're "just dogs." Uh-huh.

So I thought I'd bring you up to date on what Beaux has eaten thus far.....

Three remotes - 2 DirecTV / 1 Vizio

The couch

Several pieces of wood trim and paneling

A panel from the garage door

5 assorted shoes (never a pair, just one)

One garden hose

And many things I haven't found yet, I'm sure.

This is the look I get upon finding said damage....

Who, me?

Yea. You.

Now these dogs have EVERY cool dog toy imaginable. Kongs, Nylabones, Boodas, everything you can get. They have organic bully sticks and pig ears and on and on.


Oh and as far as that spray stuff they sell to keep them from chewing stuff?

Waste of $$$. Tabasco doesn't work either. Nor cayenne.

Maybe I need an Exorcist.

Or maybe just a few Excedrin.

See yall Monday.


Anonymous said...

Two words, Kim...

Crate Training.

Seriously. It'll change your life.
And seperate crates.

Trust the ParkFran. She may have questionable taste in drivers, but she knows her dog training!!


and I can't believe tobasco didn't work. Damn, them are some serious cajun dawgs you got there!


TexasRaceLady said...

I knew there was a good reason you called him "Teddy the Terrorist"


And those innocent little faces -- they are saying, "Mommy, we didn't do anything. Honest."

I just have to ask -- did they really get put in the garage? hehehe

Bubblewench said...

OMG! Love those little buggers!! I don't know what to tell you, but I hope you figure something out before they start eating you!!

Big Pissy said...

They are just too adorable for words. :)

Marnie said...

Kim, you know that looks just like your room in high school!! Just joking. That was kinda scary because we have a 8 month old yorkie and he's crazy anyway, so I'm worried about what's going to happen....

yellowdog granny said...

you need that dog whisper guy..