Mr. President turns 9 !!!

Happy Birthday Ted Terrific !!!!! I can't believe my lil pal is 9 years old !!! Seems like a short time ago I was looking through the Sunday paper, a week after having to put 18 year old Gizmo to sleep, when I saw the ad.

I thought I'd just go look.


You've been my travel buddy, boat buddy, walking companion, cooking helper, crying buddy, and just my best furry little friend. Thanks for living up to your namesake, Theodore Roosevelt, and all the shoes and furniture and things you've destroyed in puppyhood? Fuggedaboutit.

Nine years, a divorce, two moves, the best 5 years of our lives and G's death and you are still the one little face that looks up at me when I come in and makes it all ok.

Thanks Tedarina, I love you.


sybil law said...

Awww - Happy Birthday, Teddy!!!

Beautiful Mess said...

Happy birthday Teddy! I hope you get spoiled today!

Blondefabulous said...

Happy Birthday TED!!!!! Many bones and brushings in your future!

I'm just glad my cat came back from being escaped!

Kim said...

Thanks yall !! He will be spoiled today, as usual !!

BF - I am glad your cat came back !!!

TexasRaceLady said...

Teddy the Terrorist is 9?

Shit, where did the years go? I remember when you first got him.

Happy birthday, Teddy.

And spoiled? How can you say he's spoiled? More like rotten to the core if I know you.


Steph said...

Happy Birthday! Looks like he got lots of goodies!

Kim said...

TRL - Can you believe it??? He was 9 weeks old when we were at Marty Party!! I remember calling 5 times a day to check on him !

I cannot believe it has been 9 Years !! WOW !!
And you know me too well, he is rotten rotten rotten !!!

Steph - oh yea, he got loaded up !! LOL !!

Lynda said...

My family had a dog like that. It was very protective of the babies in the family.

He is so adorable! I'm glad he is there for you!

Anonymous said...

Adorable! What a personality.

nuckingfutsmama said...

Oh my goodness -- he is such a cutie! What kind of dog is he? (I ask because we are on the path to purchasing a puppy and are looking at Airedale Terriers -- he kinda reminds me of an Airedale.) I know what you mean about him being a very special part of your life. My husband & I had a Scottie dog who stuck by my side through years of infertility and two miscarriages. He was incredible. Dogs have a very special way of making everything a little brighter, don't they? They can lift you up when you're down and wag their tails right along with your smiles. I cannot wait to bring one of these amazing little creatures into our world very soon!

Leigh Ann said...

What a haul! One of our dogs turned nine this past April. We're having a big party for her next year.