100 Things Divided by 4 = THE FINALE !!

Thanks to all of you for reading and commenting this week, and for encouraging me to hurry up and get the 100 !! Who knew I was so interesting ? *snort*

So here's the last 25, for now !! Thanks !!

The Final 25 !
  • Even though my Dad played for the 49ers and I like the Eagles because of Gregory, my favorite team is still the Saints and I hope they go to the Super Bowl while I'm still alive !
  • I can put together just about any type of yard implement, gadget or furniture with a 6-pack of beer and some good music
  • If the Cubs could win the World Series before I die, all I need to do is see the Triple Crown of horse racing, and my sports life would be complete!
  • I am finally becoming comfortable in my skin.....and it only took 39 years!
  • I ran through a plate glass sliding door when I was 13 and required a blood transfusion and 183 stitches, including several plastic surgeries on my face
  • When I was 14 I let go of the line too late while water skiing and ran into the dock, luckily I fell back and just the skis broke, not me.....and I don't drop off at the dock anymore
  • Obviously I'm quite uncoordinated
  • My favorite place I have ever been is Nepal. That country and their people are amazing.
  • I have ridden a camel along the Great Wall of China
  • I think Twilight is stupid. "Lost Boys" is a far better flick, even with the two Coreys.
  • To quote Tim Wilson ... " Everybody Loves Raymond, except for f---ing me!"
  • If I have to sit in the back seat of a car I will not sit behind the driver
  • I love bacon. It is the perfect food.
  • I like stuff with skulls and crossbones on it. Aye matey.
  • I once got over-served at Mardi Gras, busted my ass, had to get stitches and had a black eye, the day before being a speaker at the opening of a Battered Women's Shelter. Oops.
  • I'm not really into designers but I would luuuurvvve a Coach purse
  • My favorite WWII movie is "Tora Tora Tora"
  • My dad is an engineer and designed the world's largest jack-up oil rig back in the 80's, which spawned a series of them for Rowan called the Gorilla
  • When I was about 4, I had "Hee Haw" overalls and would walk around singing "where o' where are you tonight, why did u leave me here all alone....," and my mom has a picture to prove it. I must find it and destroy it before my reign of Princess of The Universe begins.
  • When I was 7 I set my grandmothers yard on fire with fireworks when I wasn't supposed to be playing with them. I blamed my cousin. He took the heat. He was my hero.
  • I was born a day after Hurricane Camille, and my Papaw drove down and had the Seabees bring him across from Biloxi to Ocean Springs in a boat to see if my parents were ok and I had arrived. He kissed me on the head and went back to tell my Granny. They were the biggest influence on my life and I miss them immensely.
  • My favorite old school TV shows are Green Acres, I Dream of Jeannie and Bewitched.
  • I will watch "Smokey and the Bandit" anyplace, anytime, anywhere. It makes me LOL.
  • I am not a bandwagon fan or friend. I liked the Yankees when they stunk. I was never ashamed to be a Saints fan....embarrassed maybe, and come on, I'm a Cubs fan....who else can take failure as well as we??
And on that note (drum roll!) , here is #100 !!

  • Like me for me. Not my looks, my education, my political preferences, my views, my ups and downs, my quirks or my idiosyncrasies, my fashion, or anything else. Don't "feel for me" because of my situation. Be there for me. I am no different than you, except that I am living the life that you don't want to be yours. Many others are doing the same. Be my friend, and theirs, without judgment, without expectations, but always with love, support and the love and friendship that you will need when it becomes your turn.


sybil law said...

My husband's cousin works for Coach and gets a great discount - like, crazy discount. (She does corporate shit.)
This is a great list. Loved it - all of them, actually!
And I loves me some Green Acres and Smokey and the Bandit.
"You ass!"
"That's U.S!"

TexasRaceLady said...

Coach purses -- *drool* I have 2 that are old, but they are wonderful.

Bacon --- dang straight it's the perfect food.

Everybody loves Raymond --- NOT in my house!

And where did you EVER get the idea that you're uncoordinated. ROTFLMFAO


Anonymous said...

Glad we share the Nepal memories. I can't think of another experience as great as that trip. Amy

Manda said...

The Lost Boys - Love it!

Coach purses - Some of the best times I have had is on the streets of NYC bartering with the street guys on some damn good knockoffs!

habanerogal said...

Great 100 list funny thing happened Jimmy Buffett just came on the radio as I was reading this. Gave me chills in a good way of course.