20 Things I would like you to hear....

I stole this me-me idea from Karl , Hilly, and Shannon. And Adam, Cheeky and the place I saw if first, at Britt's.

The idea is to say things that you have wanted to say but never have.

So here we go, and yes you self-absorbed nitwit, they're all about you. ;p

20 Things I would like you to hear......

1. I always thought you were cool and smart and a great person, but now that I know you and you have reached out to me and become my friend even though you are the busiest person in town, I thank you. You have helped me through the last four months more than you will ever know and I know for sure that you are made of AWESOME.

2. I am disappointed in you. You live 20-30 minutes away but can't take the time to come by and say hi or just hang out. I have internet friends that are flying in from other states to see me and you can't be bothered with traffic.

3. When you say "if there's anything you need I'm here"? I don't believe you because you haven't been here for me yet.

4. You need to keep your boyfriend from getting drunk and coming to my house at midnight before I shoot him or call the police on his sorry ass. This was the second time. Three strikes and he's out.

5. You are a better person than you think, and just because someone has told you otherwise, then left your life, doesn't mean you have to keep believing what they said.

6. You are my family, yet you haven't even called. You suck.

7. You will always be one of the most important people in my life and my biggest regret in moving is that I had to leave you. I miss you, I think about you every day and get teary eyed when I think of what you mean to me and the friendship you have given me since I was a teenager with a crush on you. Thank you.

8. Every time I see you walking across the parking lot towards me I get a warm fuzzy feeling inside.

9. I'm glad you (and you and you and you and you) found me on FaceBook. I think it's awesome that we can pick up our friendship like it was never interrupted !

10. I wish I hadn't said some of the things I said to you last time we talked. I was letting my anger control my voice, and I am trying not to do that .

11. I know you are always going to make me feel better with just a hug and a hi !

12. I think you're really going to regret not spending more time with my Dad when he is gone, and I hope you snap the hell out of your little world and come see him.

13. You need to mind your business and not mine and quit telling my EX-husband about my recent loss. It's not his business, hence the EX. That's the reason I don't talk to you anymore.

14. Stop drunk dialing me because you've run off all of your other friends after they found out what I did about you - that you're toxic.

15. I am glad that something good happened to you this week and I hope it's the beginning of the good and the end of the crapstorm you've been in lately. I'm tired of life being bad for us.

16. I always read your blog but I don't comment every time because I'm afraid I'll type something lame and look not so smart. And I want to be all cool and blog-worthy like you.

17. I really don't think I'm a strong person like you keep telling me I am, but I hope you're right, cause if I'm not, I'm really in trouble.

18. I wish I had your dedication to take better care of myself. I used to, but I lost it a while back and haven't been able to find it again. Could you help me?

19. Remember back in the day when you used to ask me if me and a certain someone "had something going"? Yea, we did. For almost 17 years. In our tiny little town. Nosy.

20. Be thankful for the time you have with him or her, even if they "drive you crazy".You'll miss that crazy when they're gone, believe me.


Anonymous said...

are you sure you didn't write these for me??

i spent most of the night with a daughter of some old friends

15 miles from tiny town

with a 9 month old baby

and the baby's daddy was killed

7 months ago

damn~*i* am glad *i* just have my life suckage ya know?

*i* know you do

if you are around sat *i* really could use your support

ya know like wtf was *i* thinking about

blogging for 24 hours

sure *i* do 20 a day on a computer

easily, 24~~scares the crap out of me!

Kim said...

I'll be here Saturday ! Just email or tweet me when you need me if I'm not online.

Lynda said...

#16 - I have been intimidated by bloggers, and I say just leave a comment. I think we are hardest on ourselves.

#17 - It takes strength to just get through the day sometimes after going through a major loss. You are stronger than you think, and you probably just think of it as living.

#18 - It took me a long time to find the motivation to take care of myself after my sister died. Of course, I had another unhappy situation too. I think you will find it again. (I'm happy to help you if you want.)

Tara said...

You are SO totally cool and blog-worthy. You are so cool and blog-worthy you make Times New Roman cower in shame. No worries my love. You be the shiz. =)

metalmom said...

"You are my family, and yet you haven't even called. You suck."

I could apply that to far too many of my family :(

sybil law said...

They are all wonderful things, indeed. Feels good to write it down, don't you think?

So Not Wishy Washy said...

This was one of the most beautiful posts ever. Love it. Love it completely.

I wish we could all be a little more honest like that on a regular basis. Those words had texture, heart, and life. Beautiful stuff, Kim!

*hard hugs*

Coloradolady said...

yep...I saw your tweet...I read your blog...and always send good wishes and vibes your way....

TexasRaceLady said...

I think I see me in a couple of them.

Now that you've made me think, there are a few things I'd like to say to some people.


Pissy said...

I'd never seen this particular type of post before. I like it! Bet it felt good to "say" all those things, huh? :)

momza said...

Your blog is one of the few I follow that I always always follow-up by finding one of my kids or my husband and hugging them with all of my heart.
You Make A Difference.

CheekySweetie said...

The last one spoke to me. (Why does that seem to be spelled wrong? A spoke is on a bike. lol) I'm not sure what the future holds...sometimes I think we're mostly still together for the kids and the fact that our friendship is so strong. But even so, you are right. I would miss that crazy.