Lowe's. Ahhhhhh.

Your shiny appliances and sparkly new whirlpool tubs make me giddy.

I can just smell my freshly washed clothes in your fancy-schmancy large capacity front load washers & dryers.

Walking through your garden center with all of the beautiful plants that I know would get an immediate death sentence upon coming home with me makes me misty-eyed.

Your birdfeeders and critter toys make me want to hug all of nature in my yard.

Your lighting and fans make me want to redo my master bedroom into a haven of soft up lighting and the swish-swish-swish of your carved blades.

The paint beckons me with it's promise of a fresh happy do-over.

The smell of your lumber department makes me want to learn to use all of the tools still in my basement and drive nails into your dewy texture.

The yard implements make me want to be one with my weeds.

And the John Deere accessories call to me with their colors of yellow and green, like the lilies and grasses in the field.

However, my bank account and curse your name.

Oh well, they'll get over it.


Beautiful Mess said...

Oh what did you get?! Did you get the riding lawn mower you posted a pic of on Twitter? I've never mowed a lawn, but I will GLADLY pop that cherry if I can do it on a riding mower. Oh yes, I just made yard work into something sexual...I'm a sick b!tch like that ;o)
P.S. I was drinking tequila Saturday night and I didn't get a drunk text from you, I was/am so sad :o( <----- see?

Kim said...

I already had the lawn mower, but I did get a rear bagger system so my yard will look sooooo much better !!! And I lusted after several other things !
Sorry I didn't text you, I was zzzzzz before I realized it !! Next time !

((hugs)) back atcha !!

Steph said...

Even though my bank account will not like it, I'll be visiting Lowes quite frequently during the next few months for our new house!

TexasRaceLady said...

I'm glad to know I'm not the only one having lustful thoughts while at Lowes. *sigh*

I have one of those huge ZTR mowers. 5 acres in 2 hours. Talk about a high.

I'm really in love with some of fridges. Oh..........

Turnbaby said...

i am a total dork for Lowe's--plus I'm a Jimmie Johnson fan so---;-)

Bubblewench said...

I so love Lowes too... and Home Depot...

Marnie said...

I'm so glad I'm not the only one. They should have a group for that. Brad doesn't get excited to go there and I just can't understand it....