Baseball !!!!

Baseball !! I know, a lot of yall think it's boooooring and slooooow. It can be.

But it can also be fun and awesome and exciting and just, just SQUUUEEEEEEEEEEEEEE !!

I remember watching baseball with my Papaw when we finally got cable and the Cubs were on WGN Channel 9 !! Man the Cubbies and the Yankees were my team !! Still are ! Back in the day .....Ron Santo, Harry Caray, Ernie Banks, Ryne Sandberg, Mark Grace, Rick Sutcliffe, even The Penguin Ron Cey at third .....and Bucky Dent, Ron Guidry, Catfish Hunter, Lou Piniella and so many Yankees !! When I was home in the summer, if I wasn't outside playing, I was watching baseball .

I always had trouble with math, so my Papaw had me do statistics for each game I watched to help me with it. I recorded every single thing that happened on that field, and had a few notebooks full by the time summer was over. He saved every one. I wish I knew where they are now.

Gregory took me to see the Yankees a few years was his FIRST major league game, ever. And he picked a doozy - Yankees vs. Red Sox !! I still haven't figured out how he got the tickets. But we had so much fun, and he loved it ! Somewhere I have pics of us at Yankee stadium.....but this was a few hours before the game on the Empire State Building...and as many times as he had been to NYC he had never been there , and it was so fun seeing thru his eyes !

So yesterday I got all excited and took myself to Atlanta to see my precious Cubbies take on the Braves. I not be liking the Braves. Never have. I'm a Cubs and Yankees girl, oh and I pull for the Phillies a bit cause of G's Philly connection.

I road tripped over, stopped at Mellow Mushroom to eat, which is one of Gregory and my favorite places and where we have spent many an afternoon and nights after Auburn football games !! Actually, Mellow Mushroom in Auburn is where we had our first kiss!!
And yes, he was with always....

Then I went to Trader Joes in midtown ATL for the fist time. OMG !! I am totally hooked on that place now. I bought all sorts of delightful treats and a CASE of their awesome wine....known as "two buck chuck". Actually it's like $2.79 a bottle but honestly? It's like the best wine ever. Upon my return I will be buying SEVERAL cases!! Bootlegger !

First time at Turner Field and the place is pretty nice. I had a great seat, took lots of pictures and paid $15 for a long island ice tea. After the shock wore off I switched back to draft beer. And of course I had a hot dog....

And then, IT RAINED ! For two and a half hours. &#%@$!^!)# You should have heard what I was really saying.

Oh was I pissed. I ended up leaving after about two hours because I just knew there was no way this game was going to be played. Oh sure there will be a raincheck game I can go back to but damn I wasjustsoexcitedforthisgame !! I squueeed for pete's sake ! About an hour or so after I left I heard that they ad called off the game. So at least I got a headstart on traffic.

On the way out I stopped at the ticket office and bought myself a ticket for the Braves / Yankees game June 24th. IN THE SECOND ROW BEHIND HOME PLATE !!! Apparently going alone does have it's perks....single seats are easier to get !!

So all in all it was a baseball bust, but I'm glad I went and literally CANNOT WAIT for June 24th to get here.....I will definitely be squeeeing all over myself.


Pam's Place said...

What wonderful memories. Thanks for sharing.

Baseball helped me survive puberty. I spent every Saturday afternoon watching NBC games and Monday nights watching ABC games.

I cheered for the Yankees as long as they didn't play the Royals. This was in the days of George Brett & Graig Nettles & Thurman Munson. I would always cheer for Graig & Thurman to get hits, even if they were playing the Royals -- drove my Dad crazy :) I also loved Catfish Hunter.

Very cool on the tickets for the 24th! Great seat!

LOVIN7 said...

I'm so gald you went Cozzie, even it was by yourself. I would've been right there with you to see the Cubs!! Too bad the rain ruined your night, but at least you got AWESOME tickets to see your Yanks. Enjoy that wine! ((HUGS)))

Bubblewench said...

Sorry the night was a bust! Nice to hear you're going again though.

I'm not a big fan of baseball, but I do enjoy going to a game every so often. Phillies of course.

TexasRaceLady said...

What a wonderful story, Kimmers.
Sorry the rain interrupted your trip.

But, OMG, you are going to see the Yankees.

All those names you listed from the Cubs --- I always loved to see them play at Wrigley. Watching Ron Cey run the bases was a hoot. And how can anyone forget Harry Caray's singing. I always wanted to take in a game so I could sing with Harry --- but never got the chance.

You go, girlfriend.

Steph said...

I used to go to Braves games all the time, but I haven't been in a long time!

Turnbaby said...

So I probably shouldn't say how I've been a Braves fan for more than 20 years?*GRIN*

I think it's awesome you went. Brad is a BIG TIME Red Sox fan--I like them as well.

We love baseball