Kentucky Weekend

I am back from ConFab Baby 2009. Let me first give a big thank you to TurnBaby and Mr. Fab for their gracious hosting skills and awesome hospitality. They are truly fine folks!

I enjoyed meeting EVERYONE.....I was so comfortable with some right off the bat and nervous about others and had a oh my god what if I'm an asshole and they'll hate me mode meltdown.....which I'm sure cost me some friendships and rightly so, but I did meet people that I really really loved and can't wait to continue our friendship, on the web and in real life.....and now I have to totally redo my blog and get cards and stuff because you are all so inspiring in a way unique to yourselves and I want to be as cool as yall, darnit !!

But anyways....

I started off Friday morning by dropping the boys off at "doggie camp" and then away I went. My first stop for gas and a potty break was at a gas station next to this....

Said gas station had this outside of it.....

I knew at that moment that it was gonna be a great weekend !! I mean boobies and chicken ?! How can you go wrong??

And then I found this !! Rowwwwrrr !!!!

And at last......Kentucky !!!!!

Immediately upon crossing over the state line, I started to see the signs for the Kentucky Bourbon Trail and of course, HORSES !!! Yes I know, there are horses in other states. But those horses are not KENTUCKY HORSES !! SQUEEEEEEEEEEEEE !! (this was heard several times throughout the course of the weekend...I am sure dogs across KY were howling along).

I finally made it to my gloriously lovely hotel , checked in and got the road dust off. I must admit I was nervous about going to Bliss Manor and meeting fellow bloggers, especially since I am like the newbie blogger, and of course, the whole widow thing.

I was immediately made more at ease when I met up with three of my fellow Bloggers/Tweeters in the hotel bar before heading to Bliss Manor ( I am leaving out most names cause I'm not sure if they want to be blogged about !!). Anyway, thanks yall !

So off to Bliss Manor we went, the hub of ConFab 2009. Again, I was still nervous. Upon arrival and meeting a few people I immediately told them not to be afraid to talk to me or say anything about the dead husband. Probably not a way to start off but hey, it is what it is. After a few drinks and hellos and trying to figure out who was who we headed to Southland for drinks and karaoke.

There was singing and dancing and drinking and hockey and puking and bar food and duck farts and tequila. I was only involved in the duck fart drinking section. Dancing and singing weren't for me that night. I was way more comfy behind the lens. And I am leaving out some of the things that happened to protect the innocent. ; )

Got back to the hotel around 130am or so, and I stayed up on the internet for awhile. Amazingly I woke up bright-eyed and bushy tailed around 830...and again I Squeeeed !!! I wanted to go see some horses !!!

And see some horses I did....

I spent most of Saturday morning at Keeneland racetrack, no races but I got to see a few workouts and spent a lot of time walking around the track and hanging out with the horses at the stables. It was incredibly peaceful and totally helpful. I was relaxed and truly truly at peace for the first time in so many months. I wanted to stay there forever.

And I bought myself a few souvenirs.....she is my favorite....

Then it was back to town to hang out with some fabulously awesome people for a late lunch and trip to the chocolate shoppe, which is always a big time! Chocolate nom nom.
Afterwards, off to Bliss Manor for a night of anything goes and meeting lots of new people. I had a blast !! The old me would have HAD A BLAST but again, I was nervous and yanno it's the "new me" and all that crap.

New friends, great food, jello shots, karaoke, and even ELVIS !!!!! Squeeee !!

Again I won't bore you with the details because most of yall were there, but the photos on Flickr tell most of the story anyways !!

All in all I am very happy I went. I am proud to be a new member of the blogging family, and thanks to all of you for welcoming me and trying your best to help.

You did.

Thank you.


shiny said...

Was the Duck Fart that whiskey-ish chocolate tasting thing? If so -- Not bad!

Wonderful meeting you in person. I felt the same way about this great group of people when I went to my first blogging event last year; as you can tell we're a pretty awesome bunch. ;)

hello haha narf said...

awwww, c'mon! the best part of reading meet up recaps are the names and photos of who did what!! sheesh. (even though we were there, some of us were drunk and don't remember everything. or we were in another part of the party. story sharing is the best part.)

Kim said...

OK, maybe I will post some of the debauchery. Hmmmm...stay tuned !!

Karl said...

Oh, names and links totally allowed at these things, and expected. It's the basement orgy photos that you might want to hold back on.

Glad you came. You're one of the highlights of my weekend. :)

TexasRaceLady said...

Now THIS is the Kimmers I know and love. ROTFLMAO

I think you had a grand time. Glad you shook out some cobwebs and killed off a few bacteria with the tequila.

And the horses --- beautiful.

Mrs. Holly Hall said...

WOW! sounds very awesome. very cool!


Coal Miner's Granddaughter said...

You. Are. Totally. Awesome. TONS of awesome! It was such a pleasure meeting you and having your hubby in my cleavage. :) Going to Hell for that bit...

I hope to hang with you again someday, sooner rather than later.

Heather :)

Steph said...

Looks like you had a fun weekend! Love the horse pictures!

sybil law said...

I am so NOT an innocent!
I am happy I met you. You are awesome.

Big Pissy said...

Glad you posted this much! ;-)

Love the pictures~the horses are simply beautiful. :)

Turnbaby said...

It was great to meet you and I am so glad you had a good time. Those cups you brought were made of win. I'm also glad you enjoyed Keeneland--it's a special place.

Blondefabulous said...

Oh man! I keep reading everyone's recaps and I am so fucking pissed off at my Brother in Law! (The one who no showed here 2 weeks ago.) If we hadn't spent money on an airplane ticket for his useless ass, I could have flown to ConFab!!!! Glad you had a good time. I love the ponies!

Beautiful Mess said...

Sounds like you had a blast! I agree, show the pictures! The horses are SO beautiful! You know, we have horses in Oregon too. Just sayin...

Bubblewench said...

And I slept in that morning instead! D'oh!

You can totally blog all about me! I know you're dying to call me a bitch and say how awful and mean I am.

LOVED LOVED LOVED being with you and that dude, what was his name? Oh yeah, KARL!

Two super duper highlights of my weekend.

Hope to see you in PA or NY soon!

buddha_girl said...

That fucking dinosaur slayed me. I'm printing that shot for Buddha to hang on the wall in his bedroom. He loves him some serious farking dinosaurs!

With that said - the horses, the good times you shared here, the chicken and boobies? - all of that made me smile because they made YOU smile.

You've got an amazing heart, and I'm glad you decided to share it with the peeps during the weekend!

Janelle said...

I had the best time going shopping with you!!! Next time I'm totally getting a horseshoe too! After to BBQ and 40 ounces of course.

laci said...

Kim, it was so great meeting you and getting to know you.

Let me know when you decide to hit Louisville! :)