Tis the Season (s).......

I noticed earlier this week that the "retail elves" have been busy. Christmas has begun to fling itself in our faces already, and just like every year, it's more, more, more and now, now, now.

Holidays are tough for a lot of people , and for many different reasons. Just because my husband's dead doesn't make my hurt any less than someone else who is suffering.

It just makes it my own.

There have already been a few holidays and occasions in the last 6 months. Easter was not so bad, probably because it was low-key, kind of the way we always spent it. Plus I still think I was in STUN-MODE at that time.

Father's day? Ugh. Not only is my dad in Stage 4 cancer, so that was probably his last, but Gregory was a father too. And right next to the cards for dear old dad ? FOR MY HUSBAND, WITH LOVE. Well. Wonder what kind of "extra postage" I'd need for that one?

All of the summer holidays were difficult as we loved being at the lake, and that was his time to cook and be on the boat and be "KING OF LAKE MITCHELL.": )

My birthday came and went, and thanks to the help of many fine friends it was a good time and Dr. Lecter managed to keep his appearances down to a minimum.

And we're in the midst of football season. This is tough. And that's all I'm gonna say. Besides War Eagle baby.

Coming up, we got Halloween and Christmas. Those two were always my favorite, especially Halloween.

G loved Thanksgiving and Christmas.

Last year we spent Christmas out of town at a resort with my parents. My dad was sick and he wanted to make it easier on my mom instead of her having to host and all that. Gregory said he always wanted to go out of town and Christmas so we joined the. Christmas Eve we had a lovely dinner with my parents, and G and I walked along the beach and talked while we drank wine. We then sat on the pier and just hung out for awhile and looked for Santa. : )

Christmas morning, we had room service and then went to the spa for massages. We then had brunch with my parents and spent the afternoon in the hot tubs around the pool and just relaxing.

It was a great Christmas. I am so glad G got to do what he wanted.

This year my parents have rented a beach house, cause my dad wants to spend it away again. I'm going too. I'm not so sure I'm gonna be in the mood to be decorating and ho-ho-ho-ing and such. And our wedding anniversary is 10 days before ho-ho day, so that will be tough as well.

Then there's New Years, which will be a bitch because we always spent it at the lake, grilling steak and lobster, and having the whole caviar and champagne while we cook, shooting fireworks and generally falling asleep while we were both curled up in the giant double recliner we have down there.

And don't even get me started on St Patrick's Day. I may just have to find somewhere on the planet with no green and no Irish ties when that time rolls around.

I am having a Halloween party though.

I'm starting my own traditions.

Without forgetting our past.


sybil law said...

I can't even imagine how hard all those special days must be for you.
But know that I am thinking of you, and sending lovely thoughts and hugs your way.

Beautiful Mess said...

I know these holidays are tough for me, so I can imagine how they are for you. I wish you lots of peace during your holidays. Enjoy your Halloween party, that's a great idea!

marty said...

Kim, somehow you've left out ConFab in June. That had to have been a highlight?

Holidays suck!

Wishing you all the best from new yawk.

Bubblewench said...

Woman, I won't even try to pretend I know how you feel. I don't. Just know that I am always here for you.

Halloween party? DAMN YOU! Wonder if I can change my plane ticket..hmmmm....

Anonymous said...

I think it's FANTASTIC that you are starting your own traditions. I know it won't make it easier or any better, but it's good.

TexasRaceLady said...

A Kimmers Halloween Party!

It will be the best one around. All the really cool kids will be there.

BeautifulWreck said...

Are you coming south to Gulf Shores?

The holidays are always rough after loved ones have passed from this life. I sometimes don't know how I did it. One time I moved at Christmas (no lie) as a distraction, two years in a row I went out of town. Now that I have a herd of kids, I stay home or go to my aunts but there were years that we just seemed to avoid the holidays.

Lynda said...

Christmas was hard for me. I still bought a present for my sister, or maybe I bought it before she died. I don't remember anymore.

I am glad you are spending it with your folks, and hopefully being with others will help.

Let me know if you want to talk.