The sky is cryin'......

...last night, after a particularly lazy but mind messing day, I decided to do one of the things that G and I used to do together.

We used to grab our "go-chairs" as he called em, and either sit in one of our garage bays with the door open or sit out by the chiminea up on the hill.

I'm not too fond of sitting in the woods by myself , even with an open flame, especially when it's muggy as heck outside.

And since last night was the six month "death-a-versary", I decided I'd take myself a glass of our favorite wine outside and sit and just talk to him. I wanted to be out there at 1107 pm, when he "officially" left me.... 6 months ago...though I know that no matter what the State of Alabama and some piece of paper says he will never leave me. Never.

I even took his favorite Buddha candle thingy and lit it under his tree.

I think I got the chair set up and plopped my happy ass down in at at around 1106pm.

And at 1107 ??

He talked back....via rain.....

...if only for 40 something seconds. He talked quick, and he talked hard, and he followed with the soft talk of love, as he always did.

Do I find it strange that in an unusual Alabama weather season it was cloudy at our house but didn't rain all day for the first time in a week?? No.

But I find it very unusual, and oh so Gregory like that at 1107 PM on the 6 months mark since he died that he made it known that somewhere, somehow, he's still with me.

It thundered for a bit right after, and a few flashes of lightning lit up the sky. I can only hope that was him not wanting to leave, and the glisten and brightness of his beautiful eyes trying to find mine.

As I sit here now, I hear a bit of thunder and an unrestful sky.

The doggies are active, growling at the weather.

I hope they are talking to their daddy in their own language.

If not, I'll blame it on the rain.

The sky is cryin'. Me too.


Anonymous said...

Kim, just know that you never cry alone. Ever.


sybil law said...

I totally have Stevie Ray Vaughn in my head, now...
And it probably was him. He's there - we know that much.

metalmom said...

He's there. Your love is a beautiful thing, Kim.

LOVIN7 said...

Beautiful Coz-just beautiful. ((HUGS))

Beautiful Mess said...

He was talking to you, I believe it! It's signs like these that make me smile, even through my tears. I hope you had a bit of a smile during the conversation with Gregory.

Bubblewench said...

So beautiful. I know he'll always be with you and I'm glad he was there.

Big Pissy said...

Oh, Kim.....that was amazing.

I believe in signs like that too.

Greg will always be with you.


BeautifulWreck said...

This is so sweet and beautiful.

Lisa said...

I just found your blog, my husband died March 4, 2009. I am so sorry for you, and crying for your pain. I just went back to you post about "the day". My heart aches for you. My husband Patrick died suddenly too, no chance for one more "I love you". So, so sorry.

HEATHER said...


TexasRaceLady said...

I keep telling you that G is with you, always.


Cara said...

This post was beautiful. I'm a firm believer that there will always be signs & it sounds like G was working in full force last night. He knows when you need a little extra reassurance. Hugs, lady.