Chris, Adam, Troll, Anonymous asshat, whoever you are.....

EDITED: 09-11-09

The troll (MAYBE) has finally been able to borrow a set of balls and admit that he is the one who popped off in my comments.

He claims his name is Adam, and blames it on the margaritas. I cite a sever case of dumbassdness, but hey, I'm no doctor, so who knows.

Irregardless, it's still a load of crap. They won't truly reveal themselves cause they're scared.

And I still firmly believe Karma is a boomerang. So let's see how well those margaritas taste when someone they love is ripped out of their lives.

Maybe you'd like a side of humble with that order.

And by the way? Every thing you do on this site is tracked and recorded. Your IP address, what browser and settings you use, how long you spent here, which pages you were on and what brought you here. Google my name? I know about it. Link through from another site, I know about that too.

So have fun. And smile pretty for the camera, ok?

Original Post follows.....

Possibly, this is R's new roommate. This month.

Troll also posted a link in comments to the article about when Greg and I were arrested last year , in our own house, for Domestic Violence. Never mind that neither of us had a mark, the arrest was invalid, nor did he mention that the charges were dropped. Or that the officers that entered our home unlawfully and got Greg out of bed and me out of the bathtub had a vendetta going because I arrested one of their mistresses for possession of narcotics and refused to cover it up to his wife. Hmm.

Guess Mrs. Hudgens ( oops sorry, I had him confused with Vanessa ), forgot to mention that the charges were dropped as no basis was found for them, and that there is a lawsuit pending against the PD and the officers involved.

And posting it here is not news, my family, G's family, my employers, friends, acquaintances, everyone knows about it. I don't have ANYTHING to hide, about any aspect of my life.

Weeellllllllll now ??

Mrs. Hudgens also forgot to mention that most if not all of the blogosphere knows about it as I have discussed it here, talked about it in person as well as on Twitter and FaceBook, so he's really regurgitating old news. Must be tough to ride the short bus. Sorry Christy. The world always needs french-fry servers.

But congratulations on the borrowing of the balls, and good luck with your new housemate.

And next time? If you have something to say? Say it to me. I'm grown. I can handle it.

You may want to take a lesson.

Oh and BTW - since you have now inserted yourself into this legal drama? CONGRATULATIONS !! You get to be subpoenaed, get sworn in under oath, and testify !! YAY for YOU !!!

Just make sure you have your facts straight, hmmmmk ?


Karl said...

Hoo boy, guess I've been missing the drama. Cuz I'm a bad friend and shit.

But yeah. What you said. Screw the damn trolls. It's no secret they have no balls.

Coloradolady said...

Are you certain he could get a job frying french fries....I think not.....

Don't worry Kim, these sewer rats won't get too far...they will turn tail and run in court.....

Hugs girl.

Wendy said...

I'm glad you found out who it was. Geez. What a dweeb.

Anonymous said...

kick his ass, you've already got his name. ;-)

HEATHER said...

You really don't deserve this kind of crap. I am so sorry. You are in my prayers.

Robin said...

Uh Oh, it looks like he tried to pick on the wrong person....too bad for him! He just stepped off the ledge with no safety net! That's what happens when you are a lemming!


Robin :o)

Evil Twin's Wife said...

It appears that "Fuck You Bitch" will get his/her request. Toooooo funny!

GeekByMarriage said...

No, he doesn't look sweet.
He looks like a complete douche.

I know that every time my ex would beat me he'd go to bed and I'd go take a bath.. like nothing ever happened. (sarcasm in case the little shit didn't pick up on it.)

Talk about a one sided story.
A NEW roommate hearing only the cunts side and spewing it back as fact.

Did the scum sucker agree to cut you in on some money to harass Kim? Too bad... I doubt either of you will see a dime.

Anonymous said...

The really pathetic part is that in the picture he looks like one of those white-trash wannabe gang-banger vanilla-ice pretenders.

Just had to say it. Good luck.

BeautifulWreck said...

I love it when trolls get outed.

Andrew aka Christopher said...

Try again. I used my middle name this is Andrew. i was expecting just this bitchy response. have no fear. if i felt as threatened as u do i'd back into a corner and lash out too. posting facebook links damn i'm glad i was careful. time to set my privacy settings.

I too love it when trolls get outed

Kim said...

I love it when a plan comes together !

Thanks yall !!

Kim said...

And once again, I refuse to have a battle of wits with an unarmed person.

Chris, Andrew, Drew,Brian, Paul, Matt, whatever, you are just another stick in Miss Nettleman's bag of dick on demand.

Have a nice day !!

GeekByMarriage said...

Wow he figured out the copy and paste functions! Here's a cookie!

LOVIN7 said...

I don't know who you REALLY are and I don't care, but just realize that Kim is a special person and has A LOT of friends behind her, so I'd tread VERY carefully here whoever you are or better yet--- MIND YOUR OWN F___ biziness!! You are out-numbered and out-witted here so be forewarned!

sybil law said...

Andrew AKA Christopher - You suck. And you're ugly. Have a shit life. Oh wait! You already do.

Coal Miner's Granddaughter said...

Seriously, can you subpeona me so I can just call them all dumbasses? PLEASE!?!?!

Dude, whoever you are? Kim's got a posse. And we're not a pretty sight when you piss Kim or us off. Back the fuck off and leave her alone!

Bubblewench said...

Dude! I missed the pictures and FB link?

SOB. I want to punch him in the nuts.