Tunnel ahead...

Carpal Tunnel ? I haz it. (And for the few of you that don't get the "haz" it, click here.

Anyway, for several weeks I have been experiencing pain in my right hand, wrist and fingers. This happened last year a few times, but never to the degree that it's at now and never enough to make me actually go to the doctor. Last year I blamed it on racquetball and lots of yard work and being married and kind of a newlywed (*ahem*).

But this time I had no such excuse. I tried to blame Facebook, my iPhone and that damn Words with Friends app but I finally had to go see what was up because by Sunday the pain was actually waking me up at night.

After the x-rays and weird Egyptian like hand twisting by my very cute new favorite orthopedist, he was like, yep - it's CTS !! I was actually relieved. I actually thought it might be "THE GOUT" because it runs in my family, and even though I hope it skips a generation I'm still on the lookout for it. Now if you don't know what gout is don't go and google THE GOUT. In technical terms it's just "gout", but all my life, every member of my family has declared that they have "THE GOUT." I guess it's kinda like "THE CANCER", it needs it's own lead-in. And then the thought of arthritis crossed my mind, then quickly went away, because Arthur is way too old for me......

Thank god.

So tomorrow I go get "molded" for a brace and start therapy in hopes that this will stave off surgery.

Dear 2009, can ya lay the hell off now?

If not, I salute you with the very strong middle finger of my left hand.



TexasRaceLady said...


"I haz exercize" time every day to keep CTS at bay.

Keep up with the therapy. No surgery wanted.

Robin said...

OUCH!! I hope the braces work...NO SURGERY PLEASE!


Robin :o)

Coal Miner's Granddaughter said...

Oh, honey! That is total suckage! I hope the brace and PT work out for you. Keep us posted.

Employee No. 3699 said...

You'll have to drink your Long Islands left handed...unless they can incorporate that into your therapy!

I'm keepin' my fingers crossed that you won't need surgery.


LOVIN7 said...

I had the surgery MANY years ago and they have perfected it so it's even less of an inconvenience, so don't be afraid of having it if it comes to that. Wearing the brace at night especially helped me a lot. ((HUGS)

The Duchess of Wessex said...

So sorry you have the CTS.

Hoping for NO surgery for you!

PS - love that the Yankees won!!