And unfortunately, I'm not talking about my favorite daquiri flavor....

We have had SO MUCH RAIN here in central Alabama the last few months we are beginning to have mudslides and sinkholes. A total anomoly around here.

Yesterday, my parents woke up, looked out their front window and this is what they saw.

That is our neighbor's boathouse. And his boat.

Apparently, there was so much rain the hill gave way and triggered a mudslide, and the mud basically pushed the boathouse off of it's pilings.

The yellow house next to the bobbing boathouse is my parents.

It made the Alabama Weather blog which totally made my day since I am a total weather goob....and one of our local TV stations came down and filmed a segment , took pics from their porch and even asked mom if she'd comment on camera. She declined as she said she wasn't "at her best." My mother, on a bad day, could go into Saks and look better than half the people there. I think she just missed her 15 minutes of fame. *grin*

Here's the clip.......

Naturally, they are all freaked out that their house will be next.....which is a genuine concern, even though they did spend a literal boatload of money several years ago having the hill covered in concrete.

But just in case, I suggested they keep a flotation device by the bed.


marty mankins said...

Wow. That's incredible and very sad. All that rain in a short period of time is never good.

KBeau said...

I missed that on the news. I have friends who have a house on Lake Mitchell. I think we're going to have to build an ark.

BeautifulWreck said...

WOW! We have had that happen here off the bay. Whole houses just fall in.

Robin said...

That is just awful! We always have to secure the boats at my mom's house to make sure they don't tip over or sink. I think I am ready for a little sunshine. Were is SPANN when we need!

Oh, and I tagged your butt for an award!


Robin :o)

Steph said...

Yikes! I think everyone of our fields is a big mud slide, lol.