Angel of Death....

....snazzy title huh?

I sure feel like it.

Remember yesterday's post? The one where I list all the stuff?

Well, let's add another !

I got home and was feeding everyone and Fred the Betta Fish Junior was tits up in his bowl.

Fred was Version 2.0. Fred 1.0 died while Patrick (my stepson) was at school, so G and I hurriedly replaced him with Fred 2.0. Same color, size, everything. God Bless PetSmart.

I actually fell into a laughing fit when I found him. I mean really? He's just a fish. But the whole absurdity of it all just struck me as funny. I think, at this point, if I didn't laugh about it, all of it would hit me at once and I just might go totally over the edge. Cause brothers and sisters, I'm hanging on by a thread. Bless that thread's heart.

Want someone gone? Send them to me.

All I require is a reservation at a great steakhouse, a few bottles of wine, my luck to continue, and I'll send you the tab.

Good thing I look great in black.


BeautifulWreck said...

Girl I have the hood and staff, want to borrow it?

Also, want to come for Christmas, I got this mother in law..

Elizabeth said...

It's a good thing you're cut from sturdy cloth. If the thread breaks, reach up, I'm sure you'll find the hand of a friend ready and willing to catch you.


Kim said...

BW - send it my way ! Ohhh I'd love Christmas on the coast - got a shorty hood, yanno yall's weather is a bit warmer than ours..hehehe

Kim said...

Libs - thanks girl...and I know who would have their hand out who is also strong....she likes Dale Jr, Ole Miss and her name starts with L !! Love ya, thanks... : )

Robin said...

Girl, please. Don't say that too loud. I have a whole room full of people in mind...

Damn, every day I sink deeper and deeper into hell, Kim. I swear. Just set my ass on fire to make it a quick journey. ::wink::

You gotta laugh. If you don't laugh, you'll commit murder, and I don't want to have to throw a blogger fund raiser for your prison commissary. If you need to laugh, I will send you screwed YouTube videos at 4 in the morning. :)

Poppy said...

I don't feel like dying, but I'll take the steak dinner with a few bottles of wine and your company for the meal. :)

Sorry about Fred 2.0. :(

Anonymous said...

Careful what you offer up. You may be up to your ears in my annoying family members shortly!

Margie said...

Hey Now!

I would be laughing too like a BIG old laughing fit.

But hang in there.